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Cat Hairball

Chicken & Rice

  • Monoprotein
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Expulsion of hairball

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Cat Hairball - Chicken & Rice


Optimanova Cat Hairball is designed to aid cats who are prone to form hair balls by making the digestion more effective. Its special formula with its “dragnet” effect prevents hairs from accumulating in your cat's body, facilitating digestion and preventing any obstructions or digestive complications in the future.

COMPOSITION: Fresh chicken (40%), dehydrated chicken meat (30%), rice (10 %), Maize, chicken oil, hydrolysed chicken liver (5%), Maize gluten, beetroot pulp, vegetable fibres, yeast, potato protein, fish oil, sodium chloride, malt extract, sodium polyphosphates, Inuline (0,1%, source of fructooligosaccharides), Manano-oligosaccharides (0.1%),potassium chloride.

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 31.5 %, crude oils and fats 16 %, omega 6 fatty acids: 3.0 %, omega 3 fatty acids: 0.8 %, crude fibres 4 %, total dietary fibre 10.0 %, crude ash 7.1 %, Calcium 1.2%, Phosphorus 0.9%, moisture 9.0%.

ADDITIVES: Vitamin A 18.000 UI/mg, Vitamin D3 1.500 UI/mg, Vitamin E 500 mg/kg, Vitamin C 65 mg/kg, L-Taurine 975 mg/Kg, DL-methionine 500 mg/Kg. Iron (Ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 204 mg/Kg, Iodine (Potassium Iodide) 3.5 mg/Kg, Copper (Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate) 10 mg/Kg, Manganese (Manganous Sulphate Monohydrate) 9 mg/Kg. Zinc (zinc oxide) 150 mg/Kg. Selenium (sodium selenite) 0.23 mg/Kg, citric extracts rich in bioflavonoids 750 mg/Kg. Yucca extract 170 mg/Kg.

TECHNOLOGICAL: Protected with natural antioxidants (tocopherols) with antiaging effect that eliminates free radicals (that may motivate the formation of tumours).


Omega 3 & Omega 6

Protege al sistema inmunológico de numerosas enfermedades, ayuda a desarrollar la salud cardiovascular y el sistema nervioso durante la gestación y crecimiento. Evita que el pelo tenga un aspecto seco y quebradizo.

Skin and coat protection

La presencia del Zinc ayuda a la regeneración de la piel, manteniéndola en un estado sano y vigoroso. Los ácidos grasos la fortalecen y consiguen un pelo fuerte y brillante.

FOS+MOS intestinal health

El efecto prebiótico del FOS, estimula la flora bacteriana beneficiosa del sistema digestivo (efecto bífidus). Los MOS eliminan la flora perjudicial, logrando una mejor salud digestiva.

Hairball control

El efecto “arrastre” ayuda a eliminar la formación de los cúmulos.

Protects the immune system from numerous diseases and helps develop cardiovascular health and the nervous system during gestation and growth. It also prevents your cat’s coat from looking dry and brittle.

The Zinc content aids skin regeneration, keeping the skin healthy and vigorous. Fatty acids nourish the skin and make for a healthy, shiny coat.

The pre-biotic effect of FOS stimulates the bacterial flora beneficial for the digestive system (bifidus effect), while the MOS eliminate the harmful flora, thus improving digestive health.

The “drag” effect helps prevent formation of hairballs and future obstructions and digestive problems.

Cat Hairball

Chicken & Rice


Cat Hairball - Chicken & Rice

Cat Hairball

Chicken & Rice

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Cat Hairball - Chicken & Rice

Cat Hairball

Chicken & Rice