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Cat food for kittens and juniors

Cat food for kittens and juniors

Discover our different varieties of food for kittens and juniors; a complete, natural meal, ideal for the growth and development of your new friend.

Most of our recipes for kittens and juniors are hypoallergenic and especially suitable for small cats, from 2 months of age. Made with soft, delicious meats such as fresh chicken, our food for kittens promotes the development and maintenance of muscle mass, thanks to its high levels of animal protein. A complete food for kittens and juniors The food for kittens and juniors Kitten Exquisite Chicken Delight is a natural food for kittens that contains no meat meal or dehydrated meats. Our exclusive recipe is made with 100% fresh chicken meat and includes minerals, dietary fibre and super ingredients, such as quinoa and fish oil to promote kidney function and digestion in your little furry friend. The special formula of our hypoallergenic food for kittens incorporates taurine to promote heart growth and eye care. In addition, Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA stimulate cognitive abilities and help maintain healthy skin and strong hair. The best food for the development of your little feline Our food for kittens and juniors promotes the development of their bones and muscle mass, providing the following benefits: ● Skin and coat care. Fatty acids and zinc keep the skin healthy and strengthen the coat. ● Immune system strengthening. Fatty acids strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammatory reactions. ● Easy digestion The high digestibility of the ingredients provides maximum absorption of the nutrients, stimulating intestinal health. ● Eye and heart care. Taurine improves your kitty's heart health and the antioxidant action of lutein contributes to healthy eyes. If you want your little puss to grow strong and healthy, try our food menu for kittens and juniors. Healthy, natural and balanced food, ideal for the development of your new friend.

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