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Food for cats with hairball problems

Food for cats with hairball problems

Do you need a cat food which is low in cereals? Discover our range of cat food, made with the highest quality animal proteins.

Our range of low-cereal cat food promotes a complete and balanced diet, ideal for cats prone to allergies or with sensitive stomachs and delicate digestions. Made with fresh meat and fish, the food at Onlyfresh is highly digestible as it provides highly nutritional proteins. The best animal proteins to prevent allergies and food intolerances Formulated by our nutritional expert veterinarians, the low-cereal food contains dietary fibre and special ingredients like psyllium and fish oil, which stimulate digestion and prevent hairball formation. It also includes minerals with calcium and phosphorus to keep teeth strong and healthy. Our low-cereal Amanova cat food contains no meat meal or dehydrated meats and is made exclusively with fresh meat and fish of the highest quality. To promote optimal assimilation of nutrients and facilitate the feeding of cats with allergies, most of our varieties of cat food are formulated with a single source animal protein: ● Salmon. ● Chicken. ● Turkey. ● Lamb. ● White fish. ● Rabbit. Discover the tastiest and most nutritious low-cereal cat food Our exclusive recipes combine animal proteins with 100% natural fruits, vegetables and spices: carrot, broccoli, orange, apple, ginger, turmeric, mint and rosemary, for example. This way, we can provide your furry friend with all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. In addition, the quality of our specially selected ingredients gives our low-cereal cat food an exquisite palatability that will conquer even the most demanding palates. Do you want to offer your puss a healthy, natural and easily digestible food? Try our different brands and varieties of food for adult cats. The best food to take care of the gastrointestinal health of your feline friend.

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