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Rabbit for cats

Rabbit for cats

Does your cat have digestive problems? Discover our cat food with rabbit, a healthy and hypoallergenic food for the most sensitive stomachs.

Our cat food with rabbit is a cereal-free food for adult cats. Prepared with fresh rabbit meat as the only animal source, in addition to providing proteins of high nutritional value, it is a highly digestible food, low in fat and rich in iron. A complete cereal-free meal for cats with sensitive stomachs The cat food with rabbit Adult Cat Divine Rabbit contains no meat meal or dehydrated meats. Our exclusive recipe is made with 100% fresh rabbit meat and other carefully selected natural ingredients, such as pumpkin, broccoli, plum and bay leaf. The special formula of this hypoallergenic food includes chamomile, which relieves stress and cares for the digestive system, and minerals with calcium and phosphorus to keep the teeth of our furry friends strong and healthy. It also contains dietary fibre and special ingredients, such as psyllium and fish oil that improve kidney function, promote digestion and prevent the formation of hairballs. What benefits does Onlyfresh cat food with rabbit offer? Prepared exclusively from natural, premium quality ingredients, this hypoallergenic, cereal-free food helps prevent allergies and food intolerances. Other benefits our cat food with rabbit offers our little furry friends are: ● Maintenance of the skin and coat. Fatty acids and zinc keep the skin healthy and strengthen the coat. ● Easy digestion. The high digestibility of the ingredients provides maximum absorption of the nutrients, stimulating intestinal health. ● Urinary system care. The combination of minerals and sodium bisulfate help lower the pH of the urine and reduce the formation of urinary stones. ● Control of hair balls. Dietary fibre prevents the formation of hairballs, preventing intestinal obstructions. If your cat is having trouble digesting food, try Onlyfresh's cat food with rabbit. A hypoallergenic, digestible and balanced diet, ideal for sensitive stomachs.

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